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Comms Group (UK) Ltd. have used Estate Employment on several occasions over the past three years.

Due to the nature of our business we sometimes require staff on a very short notice and for short periods. Estate Employment are alway...more


candidate services

Estate Employment are always on the lookout for reliable staff who have a good work ethic.

We employ staff from labourers to semi skilled workforce. We are also on the lookout for team leaders and forklift truck drivers.

We will interview you and provide all the necessary documentation which needs to be completed and submitted back to us.

We have worked in the industrial sector for over 13 years and have vast experience in placing quality workers in positions to fulfill your workforce.

As we are skilled in this sector, we know both what you the candidate and the companies are looking for and can provide a job which will be both rewarding and satisfying. All the while providing excellent customer servive to both our clients and candidates.

If you are looking for work, call us on 01604 670 777.